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What's Not Working in Nutrition Today

Have you ever tried to figure out what your body needs or followed a diet perfectly but didn’t get your perfect results? Today, there are loads of diet and nutrition planning options but they mostly leave us overloaded with generalized recommendations. You are you, and your body needs what your body needs right now to run efficiently, energetically and sustainably. That’s how you get your results. We call it the wisdom of the body - allowing your body to run better while avoiding what can irritate, overwhelm and disrupt its efforts.

Here’s a look at three of the main nutrition “tools” we have today, and why they aren’t working for your body.

1. Point Systems: Thinking of foods in terms of points strips away a key point - nutrients! Sure, an avocado may have a lot of points, but perhaps your body needs that extra boost of omega-3 and omega-6 to kick-start an efficient metabolic process. Or maybe you're saving up your points for a big calorie-dense blow-out at the end of the week? You are skimping out on nutrients Monday - Friday just to overwhelm your GI systems on the weekend. This causes a crash and burn internally and long-term results will almost never solidify.

2. Percentages & Equations: macro percentages, daily values and RDAs - there are a lot of numbers that claim to help you make better choices, but how do you know if any of them are a better choice for your body today. All of our bodies need the same basic nutrients but everybody uses them at different paces, and even starts with different amounts needed so these percents and equations don’t get you closer to what your body actually needs. What does? A targeted and specific energy and micronutrient plan that relates to your age, gender, hormone balance, exercise regimen, stress levels and more.

3. Diet & Nutrition Plans - Keto, Whole30, Vegan, FODMAP (just to name a few) are taking the media by storm, but will any of them give your body what it needs to run better? The answer is YES. All of them could. But none of them will unless you know what your body needs, and then you build your vegan, your keto, your FODMAP nutrition plan.

So, if all these tools and plans aren’t helping you give your body what it needs to run better - what can and will, so you can stop investing in plans that aren’t working for you?

You deserve targeted nutrition coupled with a team of support to help you implement your unique diet requirements. At seed+season, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach or a blanket solution. Every body is different - we are here to help you listen to yours, loud and clear!

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