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let's answer some q's

which program is right for me?

We offer two programs: 3-week and 6-week. The 6-week gives you an intensive crash course in our seed+season pillars, and the 3-week program is great for someone looking to learn about their unique nutritional needs, receive meal planning tools, and be on their way! Best way to learn which is right for you is to schedule a 15 minute consult with us!

who is seed + season right for?

s+s is a program that aims to shift your mind-set from dieting, point-counting, and other short-term, restrictive methods to nutrition-based education for long term health and sustainable habits. For anyone who is ready to empower themselves through true food-as-medicine solutions. Every body has a story - let's start listening to yours. Together. 

what is a registered dietitian and a behavioral coach?

how much are the programs?

An RD is certified to treat a wide variety of medical conditions and prescribe meal plans utilizing clinical diagnostics. A BC is educated in strengths based coaching methods and utilizes your inner values to promote sustainable behavioral change.

Prices range depending on your time commitment. We offer reduced rates for those signing up with a friend, spouse, roommate, or family member. Reach out today to learn more.

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