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Don't Be Mindful All the Time

I recently read an article about mindfulness not needing to be a full time job. It really struck me because most of us who want to eat healthier, be mindful, work out more - we think we need to be doing it all the time. When we allow ourselves to be OK with small moments of success, they compound over time and begin to seep into our daily lives in a much more natural flow. In other words, don't force it.

Mindfulness: decide that brushing your teeth will be your moment of the day to practice mindful presencing. What does your toothpaste taste like? How do the suds make your gums feel? How do your eyes look when you wake up in the morning? Your hair? This can be your only conscious moment of mindfulness of the day, but you are already beginning to allow this practice into your life. More and more moments of mindfulness will simply appear without too much pressure.

Nutrition: we always advocate for small changes in the world of nutrition modification. The extra vegetable on your sandwich, the switch from an ice cream after dinner to a square of dark chocolate and berries. These changes also start out small and unassuming, but over time, the moments of conscious change turn into second nature. Your body will begin to crave fresh produce and your small moments grow into some substantial gains.

Exercise: a great place to practice small moments. If you are totally new to working out, a walk around the block or a 10 minute yoga series will do. Finding that moment at one point throughout the day is enough.

Letting positive changes into your life should not be forced. They should arrive in a natural way and one that allows you to build upon in a sustainable way. Allowing ourselves the grace to just be and be OK with it is the practice.

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