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Eat Mindfully: The Untangling Method

What does it mean? It sounds so simple, but when our three main areas are not in alignment, we tend to eat mindlessly. What are your three main areas? Your heart. Your mind. Your body. Next time you come home from a long day at the office or you've had a hectic day with your children, take stock of your three areas before reaching for that bag of truffle chips.

Your heart: put your hand to your heart and ask yourself, "was I kind to myself today?" "do I need a hug from my SO?"

Your mind: close your eyes and ask yourself "did something come up today that stressed me out?" "what do I need to do to make sure I am better prepared for tomorrow? a to-do list?"

Your body: put your hand to your stomach softly and gently and ask yourself, "what am I hungry for really?"

Once you've teased out your three areas, you can make an informed, untangled, decision on what your body needs vs. what you normally automate towards. If you still want the truffle chips, go for it, we promise you will eat those chips with pleasure and as a side effect, you will eat fewer.

Untangle your three areas on your path to food freedom.

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