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Vacation + Diet: Do You Fear of Derailing Your Progress?

We all have been there - you spend weeks eating clean before your big summer adventure and once the chips and guacamole appear by the hotel pool you forget your seed+season nutrition values. Vacation should be all about total enjoyment, but you want to feel great from start to finish. That means heading home invigorated and refreshed - not bloated and wiped out. So how do you indulge while OOO without feeling like you’ve OD’d on sugar and alcohol? Here’s a few simple ways to vacation better without compromising on flavor or fun.

  1. Set the tone. Traveling to your vacation destination via plane or car can often be disruptive to your digestive system and overall energy level. Airplane food, gas stations and sitting down for long periods of time all lead to discomfort, inflammation and bloating - not a great way to start your summer vacay! Set the tone for your experience by preventing these common post-travel symptoms. Healthy snacks such as whole roasted nuts, organic cheese, Greek yogurt, seasonal fruits + veggies, light exercise and supplements are all going to be your favorite travel companion.

  2. Snacks: To avoid reaching for that candy bar, grab snacks that pack a nutrient dense punch and a ton of delicious flavor. Pair protein + fiber for optimal satisfaction and to keep hunger at bay when traveling. Our fave combos are hummus + raw zucchini, hemp energy bites (home-made or from Manitoba Harvest) and all-natural PB/almond butter + seasonal fruit. Getting in more seasonal produce means getting in more vitamins + antioxidants that will help your body recover from the stresses of getting out of your usual routine.

  3. Exercise: Before getting on any trains, planes or automobiles do some light exercise to get your blood flowing. Squats, lunges and lateral arm raises are great options that don’t require any equipment. Pack some resistance bands for a grab-and-go workout at your travel destination - they take up very little space in your suitcase or you can wrap them around your bag to help close it up if overpacking is a common issue.

  4. Supplements: Magnesium is a must-have! It supports your digestive system better by helping to prevent and to alleviate common travel-related tummy troubles like constipation, bloating and diarrhea. Natural Vitality CALM packets are a great on-the-go Mg supplement - simply dissolve some in some water and enjoy!

  5. BYO When You Can: A big part of vacation is the end of day meal. Whether you’re eating at the hotel, going out to a restaurant or making dinner at a friend’s house, dinnertime is a big moment of enjoyment. In order to make better choices at the dinner table, bring some easy snacks to keep your blood sugar and metabolism stable. Nobody makes better choices when hangr!. A can of Bela sardines goes great atop a slice of toast, a good quality nut butter is great with any leftover fruit from the breakfast buffet, or hemp seeds are a great addition to poolside salsa! If you’re having nutrient dense snacks throughout the day, you’ll be less likely to reach for something unhealthy at dinner.

The best way to strategize for optimal nutrition and wellness while away is to schedule a seed+season session. We are here to help plan everything from what to eat, where to find it, how to eat it and when to celebrate your progress! Don't let trips hold you back from embarking on a life-changing wellness journey - this is your time.

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