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Travel Doesn't Have to Derail You

Oftentimes, when we think of travel and vacation, we equate it with "cheating" and "being bad" regarding wellness. This can be especially torturous if you've recently made progress with a weight loss goal or a nutrition routine. Travel can bring up a lot of anxiety, whether it is for pleasure or for work. Mindful eating can help you tap into the pleasure surrounding travel foods and still maintain your progress. The practice of self compassion and kind attention can help awaken the pleasure of eating while travelling and lessen the guilt/shame cycle.

  • Make A Plan. Do you know you want to try Mofongo in Puerto Rico or crab cakes in New Orleans? Great! You can feel a sense of control when you know what items you want to indulge in. Then, the surrounding meals can be more balanced or nourishing. Start the day with a green smoothie and some hard-boiled eggs and know that the afternoon will bring with it that famous burger you've been so excited to try.

  • Vegetables Always in All Ways. So you're at a restaurant that specializes in fried oysters. You know you want to try them, but there's also some sautéed spinach as a side option. Sure, the spinach is sautéed in more oil than you're accustomed to. But choose the spinach instead of another starchy, low-nutrient item such as the French fries. A vegetable is always going to be a better choice to accompany a less nourishing dish. Balance is the name of the game. Get the veggies in any way you can: steamed, broiled, fried, sautéed, raw.

  • "And That's OK." It sounds simple enough, right? Just tell yourself that its "OK." Remember how we treat our children and family. We give them permission to make decisions that are less than perfect. We nurture them. Give yourself the same respect. Tell yourself, "Yes, I had one more drink than I had intended...and that's OK. I will choose to load up on detoxifying veggies and extra water today." Give yourself the kind attention that you deserve. And give yourself a break.

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