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Fear of Pasta is a Real Thing.

Pasta = enemy has been engrained into diet culture since even before the days of Atkins. We believe that one tortellini or a single strand of fettucine will unravel our efforts and that we will wake up 5 pounds heavier. Often, our clients start out with this mentality: "I must restrict to get results." This sentiment makes perfect sense, but the good news is that it is wrong.

There is a time and a place for the loveliness that is pasta. Pasta is delicious, it's got the most incredible mouthfeel, and luckily for us, it can be paired with an abundance of nutritious elements:

  • Pick pasta when you know it's good. Going to a special Italian restaurant where they specialize in homemade pasta? What a great opportunity to try and savor something delicious. Think about the artisanal nature of the pasta, the ingredients that went into it, and the pastaio who worked with his/her hands to make it. This will lead you to be in tune with the meal, to appreciate the flavors and textures and break out of automation.

  • Pair, pair, pair! Can you add seasonal asparagus to your pasta dish? Can you up the tomatoes? How about a lean protein on the side? The nutritious elements that surround the pasta are you advocating for your health as well as enjoying a delicious pasta dish. The pasta is a part of a symphony - not the star. Continue to practice abundance with veggies that can surround the pasta.

  • Be mindful. What does the pasta look like? How does it smell? Notice how the strands twirl around your fork with ease. Being mindful means being present which ultimately leads to you eating the perfect amount of food for your hunger level. When we order and eat through natural automation and habit, we inhale our food (whether it is pasta or a bag of chips) Being present: naming senses etc. is an incredible way to be in tune with your body and in control of your choices. Remember, food is to be enjoyed! So, enjoy!

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