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Do you reset?

Here we are after another July 4th holiday weekend. This year's holiday was certainly different than last. That could mean a lot of the word more. More can be a good thing: more family, more laughter, more togetherness. But, it could also mean more alcohol, more late nights, and more indulgences. seed+season is not a restrictive plan, but rather a chance to honor and nourish your body with more vitamins and minerals. That means that after a long weekend of processed foods and a little too much alcohol, the time to honor your body and reset is now. That means starting the day with a delicious green smoothie, meditating, movement. s+s is about moving forward, honoring your body, and never giving up. Having a "bad" weekend does not mean you give up or move backwards - the practice continues and our bodies thank us for it. Don't get sucked into the defeatism. Reset and renew.

s+s <3

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