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Why should you embrace the positive?

It's been a year! err longer. And we don't know what the future holds. Many people have lingering feelings of anxiety due to the pandemic and that can lead to a negative thought cycle. So why should we focus on embracing positive thoughts on a daily basis? Well, practice makes perfect. And what we practice grows stronger. Positive thinking activates our reticular activating system (RAS) a part of the brain that forms positive patterns in our brains.

This practice of positive thoughts continued to strengthen this pathway and leads to happier, healthier lives.

A few ways to do this?

- Begin a gratitude practice! Whether its writing a few things you're grateful for in a journal or simply saying them aloud to your SO, gratitude is everything.

- Pick a daily affirmation and stick to it. "you're beautiful" "you got this" "I'm proud of you." These are incredible ways to find positivity daily.

- Breathwork. A few minutes go a long way. Some deep, intentional breaths as you awake or before bed can provide you with clarity and a moment of repose.



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